Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

3 Ways You Can Improve The Cleanliness Of Your Hotel

When you have guests filtering in and out of your hotel at all times of the year, keeping garbage at bay can prove to be a hefty task. Guests are constantly throwing out food containers, filth from their vehicles, and other items that can cause trash to pile up quickly. Learn how you can keep your establishment cleaner so your hotel can run more smoothly:

Hire private garbage collection

When you have many guests constantly filling up your garbage cans, using your city's garbage service may not be enough to keep your facility clean. Hire a private garbage collection company so you can have more control over when your trash is picked up.

Garbage removal companies often rent out or lease their bins, so you can place many of them near entryways, in parking lots, and in the back of your hotel so staff and guests can use them with ease. Have your garbage removed daily or every other day to prevent over-filling them and to keep trash odors at bay.

Install recycling bins

You can encourage a healthier environment and make your hotel stand out among its competitors by installing recycling bins around your facility. Recycling bins give the impression that you are a conscious and caring hotel, which can bring in more clientele. Have separate bins for plastics, glass, and paper products that your guests have easy access to in your parking areas.

When you give your staff and guests the opportunity to recycle, they may be encouraged to litter less and keep viable items out of the garbage bins. Many garbage collection facilities also do recycling services and can provide bins for you that they clean out often.

Hire a groundskeeper

Even if you don't have a landscape to maintain, a groundskeeper comes in handy for keeping the exterior of your hotel looking attractive and clean. A groundskeeper can pull weeds, remove cigarette butts and other garbage from parking areas and sidewalks, and can spray sidewalks and the sides of your buildings down so they stay pristine. Have a part-time groundskeeper come by a few days a week to clear garbage and other unsightly material from your property so your hotel can be more appealing to guests.

Your hotel's impression to your guests should always be one of cleanliness. A garbage collection facility can help improve the trash compilation that occurs in this type of establishment, and can even help you with your recycling efforts. A groundskeeper, even on a part-time level, can help manage garbage collection and help keep your establishment in excellent condition all year round.

To learn more, contact a company like The Junk Box with any questions or concerns you have.

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Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

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