Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

Roll-Off Dumpsters: What You Need To Know Prior To Rentals

Do you have a significant amount of waste to remove from a property? Perhaps you recently acquired a home that had junk left in it. If you have plans to dispose of a lot of unwanted items, the best approach is to consider renting roll-off dumpsters. However, it is important to keep the following points in mind as you plan your rental.


Roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes. The size that you select will likely be one of the determining factors in the cost of the rental. This why some people make the mistake of choosing dumpsters that are too small for their needs. This can lead to them overfilling the dumpsters. It is not a wise idea to fill these dumpsters to the brim. You might also end up filling the dumpster and still have leftover junk that needs to be removed. The rental company may charge an additional fee if they have to pick up and deliver another dumpster. The best approach is to choose a dumpster that is larger than your estimated needs.  


Some people also fail to plan where they will put their dumpster rentals. This is something that needs to be addressed before the delivery date. You also need to be mindful if you have plans to place the dumpster on a sidewalk, curb or street. This is because some jurisdictions require citizens to obtain permits for dumpsters placed in these areas. Even if you are not aware that a permit is needed, the city could still issue a fine or citation. Contact local officials to determine whether you need a permit. It is possible that the dumpster rental company may also be able to tell you about local laws. 

Waste Type

When renting dumpsters, some individuals assume that they can throw away all types of waste in them. There are some types of waste that you should not put in roll-off dumpsters. If you put these in them, then it is possible that you might have to pay additional fees. Batteries, solvents, and paint are examples of waste that you should not put into roll-off dumpsters. 

A roll-off dumpster company is a good resource to use to determine other points you may need to consider. Each company may have different policies, which is why it is important that you understand the terms of your rental contract. Contact a company like Michael's Rolloff Solutions to learn more.

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Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

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