Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

Cleaning Up A Hoarding Renter's Property? Simplify The Process With These Steps

Even though you vet the tenants you have moving into your properties as a landlord, you truly never know what goes on behind closed doors once they are there unless a situation comes up and you have to go inside. Sometimes, this inability to access the property while a tenant resides inside means you inherit a mess when they do move out.

This is especially so if you are one of the unlucky landlords who ends up having a hoarder for a tenant and don't know until they leave the premises. This could easily be one of the biggest cleaning undertakings you ever face. Even though this is a dirty job no matter how you look at it, there are a few things you can do to simplify the cleanup process. 

Have a few large containers available to haul off donations. 

Most hoarders focus on hoarding specific types of things and then there are some who hang on to everything from trash to food. Either way, the property you are cleaning out is bound to have a lot of items in it that don't necessarily belong in the trash. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a moving trailer or other large, haulable container in site where you can place all donatable items as you clean out the property. 

Hire a junk removal service to help you out. 

Many waste management companies offer some form of junk removal services. These services can range from simply delivering waste receptacles to the site and picking them up as needed to a full hands-on service that includes professionals who will actually help carry items out of the property. Either way, these valuable service offerings can be a huge help when you are facing such a large cleanup task. 

Prepare to deal with hazards inside the property. 

When a structure is filled with large amounts of stuff that is beyond what would normally be kept inside, you can expect to run into some problems when you clean out the premises. The floors could be caving under the weight of all of the junk, there could be pest issues, and there may even be health hazards because of mold and trash. Because of this, make sure you get prepared for hazards that could be inside the property before you start the cleanup process. Invest in protective suits and gloves, wear face masks, and take complete caution as you move about inside the residence. 

For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Junk It.

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Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

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