Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

Making Recycling Easier For Small Businesses

Small businesses have higher demands than most residential users, but can't justify many of the standard services that large, enterprise-level businesses need. This presents a unique challenge for growth and sustainability, especially when it comes to waste management and different types of recycling. Here are a few improvement points to make your business' recycling practices a lot more efficient.

Paper Product Recycling

From printouts to cardboard boxes, a good paper recycling plan can both save trees and reduce the amount of clutter-causing, potentially sensitive information lining trash cans and desks.

Shred and compact everything you can. Your recycling plan's smallest point should be placing printouts into shredders, which keeps any sensitive information a lot more safe from potential information thieves while making trash bags and other containers more compact.

For larger paper products such as corrugated cardboard boxes, instruct employees and cleaning service professionals to compact the cardboard with at least one fold. It makes disposal in dumpsters easier, and is a lot more visually scarring than laying old boxes beside the dumpster or out on the walls.

Plastic Recycling Opportunities

Does your business allow drinking in the work area, or do you have a dedicated cafeteria? Recycling plastic bottles while keeping the plastic separate from the standard garbage is easy with recycling bins that block most other types of trash. 

These restrictive containers have round openings that are deep and shaped in a way that makes bottle deposits easy, but throwing away crumpled paper or old food is somewhat more difficult. The only major mix-up would be depositing metal cans, which is a lot easier to separate than wet food and other garbage.

Metal Recycling And Profit Measuring

Many types of office equipment have a fairly decent recycling pay rate, but the price can change on a daily basis. Aluminum, copper, gold, tungsten, and magnets are a few of the recyclable materials found in most devices.

When recycling office equipment, you have the option to recycling whole devices or to tear them down to the specific components and materials. Recycling centers often have an averaged pay rate for certain devices, but if you want an exact amount for each material or want to turn in large amounts of scrap, individual material recycling is best.

Along with individual recycling, you'll need personnel who can take apart devices to the desired components as well. Make sure that you're not spending more time and resources on dismantling than you'd make back in recycling pay.

For individual metals and materials, color-coded recycling bins are helpful for organizing the materials. If you plan on throwing away computers, speakers, copiers, and other devices as whole units, be sure to get a dumpster rental that is specifically marked for recycling so that recycling professionals can get to the right place. Throwing electronics away in standard trash container may result in a fine, but will more than likely result in your trash not being picked up.

Contact a dumpster rental professional to discuss containers that best fit your needs.

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Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

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