Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

Tips To Save Money On Your Garbage Service

Managing costs around your home allows you to focus your spending on the things that really matter to you. One place where many homeowners can save but fail to do so is with their residential trash collection. The following tips can help you shave a few dollars off of this expense.

Tip #1: Determine your options for collection

How and who collects your garbage varies depending upon your municipality. In some areas, a single company has an contract for the entire area, so you must go with the approved provider. In others, you can pick and choose from several providers. If you can choose a provider, then make sure you compare pickup costs at least once a year. Often your current provider will price match a competitor if you bring up a price discrepancy.

Tip #2: Lower your output

Whether you are stuck with a single provider or free to choose, lowering costs is often dependent on how much garbage you have for collection. If you can realistically use a small can or less bags, or lower the pickup frequency to once a week or less, you can lower your serve needs and save quite a bit of cash.

Tip #3: Take advantage of other programs

Some trash companies and many municipalities have special programs that allow you to cut back on garbage and save money. For example, you may be able to have recyclables picked up for free or for a low fee, or you can drop them off at a recycling center. If you have a lot of trees, find out if your city provides free pickup or dropoff for a composting service. Seasonal programs are very common, such as free spring cleaning dump passes or Christmas tree dropoff. Don't pay to throw away things that can be taken off your hands for free.

Tip #4: Manage your own waste

Some of your costs can be mitigated by taking care of some of our own waste so you don't have to pay for collection. The most common method is via the home compost pile. By starting a compost pile in your yard, you will no longer need to pay to have yard debris or food scraps hauled off. Some people even compost paper waste, thus further minimizing their garbage output. As a benefit, the compost provide a free soil and fertilizer for your yard and garden.

For more help in managing your residential trash service and cost, contact a waste management company, such as Grouchs, LLC, in your area.

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Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

Hey everyone, my name is Dennis Tillman. When I help friends and family with their remodel projects, I always suggest renting a dumpster for the waste. A dumpster rental makes it easy to dispose of solid waste removed from the home. You can throw in building supplies, like drywall, flooring and lumber, without worry about nails or screws. In fact, the dumpster company encourages metal hardware disposal in the bins. There are a few items that you cannot toss inside the dumpster, however, including light bulbs, paint and stain. I will share the dos and don'ts of using dumpster rentals for your projects. I will also discuss ways to determine the right dumpster size and drop off location. Thank you.


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