Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

Home Renovation: How To Keep Your Kids Safe Around Your Rented Dumpster

If you're renovating your home or tearing down a structure in your yard, you probably have a rented dumpster sitting close to your work site. In fact, most cities require on-site dumpsters for major projects. While having a dumpster nearby is great for your project, it might pose a danger to your kids, especially if they are young and inquisitive. Nails, cinder blocks and other heavy items can easily cause harm to your children if they climb in and around the dumpster. Read More 

3 Ways You Can Improve The Cleanliness Of Your Hotel

When you have guests filtering in and out of your hotel at all times of the year, keeping garbage at bay can prove to be a hefty task. Guests are constantly throwing out food containers, filth from their vehicles, and other items that can cause trash to pile up quickly. Learn how you can keep your establishment cleaner so your hotel can run more smoothly: Hire private garbage collection Read More 

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Using Dumpster Rentals For Remodel Jobs

Hey everyone, my name is Dennis Tillman. When I help friends and family with their remodel projects, I always suggest renting a dumpster for the waste. A dumpster rental makes it easy to dispose of solid waste removed from the home. You can throw in building supplies, like drywall, flooring and lumber, without worry about nails or screws. In fact, the dumpster company encourages metal hardware disposal in the bins. There are a few items that you cannot toss inside the dumpster, however, including light bulbs, paint and stain. I will share the dos and don'ts of using dumpster rentals for your projects. I will also discuss ways to determine the right dumpster size and drop off location. Thank you.


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